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Random Acts of Kindness

As we traveled the world connecting with our fellow human being, we were blown away by the compassion, empathy and kindness demonstrated to us by total strangers.  Whenever we needed help, there was always somebody there.  And these people were usually total strangers.  So this started to rub off on us.  We did our best to practice kindness and compassion every day. Over the 8 year odyssey this simple intention to be of service led to the formation of numerous grassroots projects in the areas of world peace, education, and community development. Contact us to get involved in any of these projects!

Education and Health Projects


Good Hope School, Uganda: I picked up two special guest riders in Uganda named Innocent and Warren. Innocent shared his dream to start a school to help AIDS orphans and needy to receive education in his community. I vowed to help him and he managed to get land donated, built buildings, found teachers and we now have over 190 students at the school! We are always looking for support to continue building the project. This is grassroots at it's very best--no administration costs, no overhead, no nonsense. See the website at www.goodhopeschool.net and follow the investigation steps. Contact Innocent for information or to schedule a visit to Uganda.  It's just $320/year to sponsor a student and change a life forever.   


Strong Roots Foundation, & School in Rwanda: Another Peace Pedalers guest rider Pascal was inpired to find his purpose in life while out on the tandem bike. After several years of development and challenge he finally started his own unique foundation to help the vulnerable youth living in extreme poverty in his community. Feel free to visit him and lend a hand. More info at his facebook page here.


Spokes for Hope : When Jamie was researching his African route the stats about Malaria were shocking. Over 1 million people die each year in Africa from Malaria! He was not happy with this number. Jamie tenacously contacted Novartis about his vision for Spokes for Hope. After much persistence, Jamie was able to procure  thousands  of treatments of Coartem to disperse to villages during the volatile Malaria season. He pedaled through dozens of small villages throughout Africa and to help save the lives of those suffering or who would become infected in the future. A photo of one of the many lives saved, baby Max in Zambia.



Peace Pedalers Scholarship Fund: When Jamie met a guest rider Joseph in Kenya he shared his sad story of his father losing his job and having to give up his studies due to lack of school fees. Jamie and his mother Carol agreed to start a scholarship fund for Joseph and funded several semesters of school.  Ge became the first and only child in his family of 11 to finish high school.  We then supported him to go to trade school and he's now an enginner and father. 

School Supply Deliveries : While traveling in Swaziland Jamie realized how many schools lacked basic supplies like pens and notepads. Jamie and his guest riders began dispersing supplies in various countries to grateful students. Sample Photo

Community Development Projects

South Africa

Pedal Proud: In the modern world we take for granted having our own set of wheels--a bike. But in the townships of South Africa most people have never owned one. They take expensive public transportation to school and work, or walk long hours--both are a waste of time and money. We decided to kick off our African tour by donating 100 bikes to the Kylesha Township to do our part to empower the community. It was an unforgettable experience. Pics here.



Operation Smiles: As we made our way through Asia we were amazed how many orphanages there were. We were in no position to adopt but wanted to at least do our part to let them know they are special and loved. So we started making visits, delivering toys from the Toy Bank and gave hundreds of rides to giggling orphans to put smiles on their precious faces. The power of this simple gesture of kindness and play for all parties was truly profound. Pics



The Mobile Studio: On Jamie's long journey through Africa he met dozens of talented musicians who did not have a professional recording of their work to send out for gigs, collaboration or radio station demos or recognition. Jamie recorded dozens of artists around the world with professional equipment and provided them with a free CD to empower them to move their careers forward. Check out sample video here and a See sample pic of a happy artist.


Operation Agua: While Jamie was riding in Bolivia one rider Bruno shared a vision to make a difference in Bolivia. Over 30% of Bolivians live without access to clean water. Bruno is a water engineer with years of experience installing systems for the government. Together we created Operation Agua to bring fresh water to smaller villages often off the radar screen of government projects. Our pilot project was a success in the village of Ayango, Bolivia and they now have fresh water. Everyone was stoked!

World Peace Projects


The Worldwide Invitation to Ride: This was and still is the founding mission of Peace Pedalers--to create more world peace, one rider at a time. The core principals behind the ride are simple: trust, acceptance, tolerance, compassion and unconditional love. As Jamie rides the globe he tries to maintain these values while he invites strangers from around the world to break through all perceived barriers and create friendships. The same values are those the world needs more of if we are to move closer to the vision of true world peace. This mission continues with the final event, the California Peace Ride.


Positive Press/Prensa Positiva: When Chilean Roberto Corona & Jamie met in Iquique they shared a common vision of reducing fear caused by so much negative media. A news channel & online source of purely positive content was a necessary step in the peace process. Enough is enough with repetitive negative news that represents such a small percentage of the REAL news. The good stuff is rarely covered by major networks and we feel the world is awakening and finally ready for a progressive network. We are looking for partners, sponsors & volunteers. Contact us to get involved!


Operation Documentation : Having had countless positive experiences in his first two African countries of South Africa and Lesotho, Jamie realized that the African continent has undeserved bad rap. If only the world knew how genuinely nice, caring and peaceful the majority of African were! The world needed to know that not every African is suffering from AIDS, starving or battling a war. So he vowed to film for a TV series & documentary film to share the TRUTH about Africa and it's people, culture, music and more. Info here.


Pics for Peace: The experience of a total stranger approaching someone to create a pedal powered friendship is worthy of a souvenir. Jamie realized that he was taking photos but the guest riders were not able to have the same gift to remember the experience. So in Ghana Jamie started lugging a portable photo printer. Since then this printer has delivered photo gifts for individuals and families to have a reminder of the joy and connection they experienced together, which helps keep the spirit of peace and friendship alive. Sample


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