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Our Presenting Sponsor

Panasonic makes products that bring ideas to life and we are thrilled to have them as our official technology partner! To truly express our creativity and fulfill our mission we rely on technology products such as digital cameras, hi def camcorders, voice recorders and especially their famous ToughBook computers. Gear up with the world's best at www.panasonic.com.

Gold Sponsors

Black Sheep Bikes is our bicycle frame sponsor. They will be donating 5 frames to Peace Pedalers, most of them the famous "Tangle", a "Tandem-Single" hybrid bike that allows us to ride in "tandem mode" to pick up guest riders we meet along the route AND also be able to transform the bikes into awesome single bikes for hammering the world's finest trails! James Bleakley is one of the best bike builders in the business. He is respected world wide for his quality and attention to detail. If you want a SWEET custom or stock bike, and you want the very best, contact James today! Check his lineup at www.blacksheepbikes.com

Sierra Designs enhances your adventures by making the best in outdoor clothing and gear, inspiring you to go outside and play. Both in and out of our saddles we depend on their sleeping bags, tents, and outdoor clothing to keep us well rested, comfortable, warm, and dry. Gear up for your next adventure with Sierra Designs and you won't be sorry. www.sierradesigns.com.

There is cycling clothing, then there is Assos. They are literally in a league of their own and nothing on the market compares. That's why we are so excited to work with them. Their cycling shorts are truly revolutionary and enable us to endure long days in the saddle, day after day, month after month. The durability is astonishing and, dollar for dollar, they are the best value on going. So invest in the best and you'll be happy. Check them out at www.assos.com.

Ortlieb makes the world's finest waterproof bags, panniers and accessories. All five bikes in the Peace Pedalers stable will be outfitted by Ortlieb to ensure both new and veteran Peace Pedalers will have awesome, hassle free experiences out touring the world. We are thrilled to have the support of Ortlieb for the rest of the expedition. If you are looking for your next set of panniers or waterproof gear, look no further. Ortlieb will keep you smiling. Check out www.ortliebusa.com for products, info and store.

Silver Sponsors

Oyen Digital is a digital  storage leader for videographers, independent filmmakers, professional photographers, and many other industries. We use their MOBIUS 5-BAY RAID for rapid     editing and storage of 700+ hours of precious content. A world class company and great parnter!  Website  

Race Face makes the world's strongest and lightest mountain bike components. We have been using happier with the quality, performance and durability. If you want components that are some of the lightest in the world, look no further: www.raceface.com

GoPro are the creators of the world's finest HD cameras that can fit in the palm of your hand. Mount them on your helmet, surfboard, bike, body--the options the camera gives you to document your wet or dry adventures are limitless & the HD quality stunning. Check em out!

Phil Wood makes the world's finest hubs. Period. Not only are they the fastest, but they are the longest lasting and easiest to maintain on planet earth. I can't afford to have my hubs go out on me and I'm not a mechanic, but I can service my own hubs! Treat yourself to the best!

Bob makes the most burly and expedition-ready trailers in the world. We'll be using their suspension trailer the Ibex as our official production trailer pulling all we need to film the expedition. The trailers are lightweight and track well in tight on & offroad terrain. Website

All our bikes are equipped with components, brakes and suspension from SRAM, Avid and Rock Shox. SRAM makes bombproof and lightweight shifters, cassettes, derailleurs and chains. Avid makes the world's best mechanical and hydraulic brakes to stop our heavy tandems on a dime and provide top performance in single mode on the trails. And Rock Shox has front suspension and rear shocks that simply rock. Website.
Bronze Sponsors

Thule makes the finest sports equipment racks and storage for autos on the planet. We're thrilled to kit out our mobile base camp support vehicle camper with Thule racks and cargo bags. Roll with the best!

Bicycle Trip is our offical shop sponsor in Santa Cruz, California. The team is knowledgable, honest and passionate about bikes and the cycling community. So stop by or shop online. Mention Peace Pedalers for a special discount. Check them out at www.bicycletrip.com.

Long days of Peace Pedaling require saddles that are comfortable, durable and lightweight. WTB makes some of the best saddles on the planet and to keep me and my guest riders smiling. Website
Old Man Mountain makes tough racks for riders who want to take their gear EVERYWHERE. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a world traveler, OMM racks fit regular or suspension bikes and can take whatever you can dish out. They simply make the best racks on earth. Get em and you'll see why we love em so much. oldmanmountain.com

The gift of my first boy Luca will not slow down our adventures. We are thrilled to sport the finest adventure trailer on planet earth--the Burley D'Lite. This is the ultimate stroller allowing me to bring Luca riding, running, hiking and even cross country skiing this winter! Check them out here

Topeak bicycle accessories play an integral role on the expedition. We use their light & tough
Mini 18 tool, pump, and Bar' Mirror daily and we give two thumbs up to all three. They have lasted for years and years and taken more abuse than I care to admit. Check out these products and their full line of goodies at www.topeak.com

Ergon makes handlebar grips that allow me and my guest riders to enjoy hours and hours in the saddle without the nagging pain in our wrists and arms. They are ergonomically designed and are a must for any tour, commuter, road or mountain bike. Gotta try em to believe it. www.ergon-bike.com

I use Sportlegs to keep me from cramping while pushing my legs harder than I ever have. I have always struggled with cramps and this stuff simply works and I have more power longer, and no cramps! You have to try it! www.sportlegs.com

Sanken makes microphones that the premier productions around the world trust and rely on to capture perfect audio. Sound engineers from shows like "The Sopranos" and the Nagano Olympics swear by Sanken, as do we. Want the best? Look no further: www.sanken-mic.com

Schwalbe tires are simply the world's best. We trust our lives and the lives of hundreds of guest riders to our tires. Schwalbe's durability, puncture resistance and unbelievable long tread life make their tires an easy choice for us. If you are touring, trust us and get a pair www.schwalbe.com

OnGuard Locks keep our bikes safe when we're out of the saddle. We use their U locks, cables and other accessories and they are awesome. The one day I left my lock at my hotel in Zanzibar is the day my bike was stolen! www.onguardlock.com

Cane Creek makes amazing cycling components and we fell in love with their new Solos Headsets at Interbike. We'll put them to the test with maximum loads as well as use their Cross Top brakes for our cyclo-cross bike. Check them out.

Spokesman Bicycles in Santa Cruz, California is our official shop sponsor.They are THE place to buy, fix or talk bikes. They can outfit you head to toe and ship worldwide. 10% discount for our fans. Website

PrincetonTec is the official lighting system of the Peace Pedalers! They simply make the toughest, lightest headlamps with burn times well over 100 hours! They are also water proof and come with various kinds of bulbs. www.princetontec.com

Maplink is all about travel, maps and guidebooks and supply retailers around the country with everything people need to explore our planet. They hooked us up with all the maps we need to pedal the planet and share the good vibe! If you need maps for your adventure, hit this link!

Ken Pollard at SiteCreators has been a great help getting Peace Pedalers into Cyber Space. He is a genius and handles everything from front end graphics to complex e-commerce and database projects. Give him a holler if you want some professional help on your next site and tell them Peace Pedalers sent ya!. www.sitecreators.com

Like us, Lonely Planet is passionate about bringing people together & understanding our world.  With over 600 titles in English their guide books cover every corner of the planet where they strive to provide travelers with reliable, comprehensive and independent travel info. www.lonelyplanet.com

InfoQuest provides Web hosting, email, electronic commerce, collocation and storage solutions for individuals, businesses, developers, organizations, and resellers. They are providing our hosting and e-commerce solutions and are world class. If you want great Internet solutions look no further. www.infoquest.com
da Vinci Designs

DaVinci makes amazing cycling products, including tandems, wheels, and other great products. We'll be using their cable splitters to allow us to quickly split our cables when we take our bikes from tandem to single. Check em out at www.davincitandems.com

Lectrosonics makes wireless transmitters and receivers that broadcast networks & film pros rely on. We are in extreme environments like rain, humidity, varying temperatures from dead heat to freezing cold. Lectrosonics takes abuse & keep delivering. www.lectrosonics.com

Wheelsmith has been making world famous spokes for over 25 years. We'll be trusting our lives and the lives of our guest with their DB and DH models 13/14 gauge spokes for years fun around the globe. Building wheels? Go to www.wheelsmith.com

We use Ebay, PayPal and Skype on an almost daily basis in some way. They made a sizeable donation to Peace Pedalers and I want to say thanks by recommending you try one or all of these services. You'll love em! My Skype Handle: peacepedalers.

Structural Composites specializes in custom design, prototyping and manufacturing of all kinds of metal including aluminum, steel and titanium. Steve Craemer is the "Evil Genius" and can make ANYTHING you want. Email or (719) 237-4306

Power Grips are an amazing innovation in pedal power. Hundreds of guest riders from around the world have been able to strap their normal shoes into the straps and pedal with the same power you get with clipless pedals. www.powergrips.com

Africa House and their sister Zanzibar Hotels set me up with 2 weeks all inclusive accommodation to film tons of artists at the ZIFF Film Festival. I could not have asked for a better place to be in the heart of Stonetown-on the beach, catching sunsets, great food and a chill atmosphere.

Skytools make remote control devices for camcorders that allow you to turn on and off, record and pause your camcorder when using secondary cameras like helmet cameras. They are super durable, easy to use and work like a charm. Check them out at www.skytools.se.

EWA-Marine makes waterproof cases for still and video cameras that are lightweight, collapsible,and tested to 10m/30 feet. We will use their cases to protect multiple cameras we rely on from water, dust, and humidity. Get em: www.ewa-marine.com

Schneider Optics makes some of the worlds most accurate and durable lens for all kinds of still and video cameras. We're using several of their wide angle and fisheye lens to allow us to capture the action in high def. www.schneideroptics.com

Rwandair Express is Rwanda's leading airline and they set me up with a free flight from Kigali to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania! I was behind schedule and needed to get moving fast and the air is the best way to go! When it's time to explore Rwanda, fly with these guys. They are great! Website

I researched all the options for purifying my drinking water and the SteriPen impressed me the most. 3.7 ounces, no filters & pumps, just a small pen that runs on rechargeable batteries I'm already taking along. The test results are impressive & it's all I need to have clean water anywhere. www.steripen.com

Salsa makes some super sweet cycling components and we LOVE their Gordo line of rims. We'll be using the 29er disc version to keep us rolling fast but with the strength we need for a huge load and rowdy roads. Check out thier goods. They are a great company too! www.salsacycles.com

Tamer is the official suspension seat post of the Peace Pedalers. Our guest riders will be treated to the most plush ride money can buy! These seat posts turn a rough tandem stoker ride or tough trails into a luxurious experience. And when we go to single-mode we use the seat posts for mountain bike riding! They are the bomb www.tamerusa.com

The Atacama Desert & the Andes Mountains are two MUST-SEE locations when you visit Chile. When my bike frame cracked owners of Tierra Atacama and Ski Portillo took me in like family for three weeks with epic skiing, meals, tours & accommodation.

Carver Surf Racks make the world's finest surf racks for bicycles. Unlike the cheap and flimsy models that rust, break or cause accidents these racks are built to last and maximum safety. Check em

Paragon makes bottom bracket shells, dropouts, and all those small parts you see welded to your bike to make it a bike. And they do it in Titanium better than anyone in the world. Talk to Mark at Paragon at (510) 232-3223 or check website

World Telecom Group is one of the largest resellers of local and long distance in California. They will be helping the Peace Pedalers with a Communications Program designed to save YOU money and allow you to support the Peace Pedalers! Check out this program ww.wtgcom.com

Bamboozi Beach Lodge, Tofu Beach, Mozambique

If you want the most unreal beach accommodation at very affordable rates, you must check out Bamboozi in Tofu Beach! Thanks for the free nights guys! Check their website here

Holiday Inn, Lusaka. Zambia

Holiday Inn in Lusaka has lovely rooms overlooking a central lagoon with baby crocodiles, a great restaurant, Irish bar and more. Thanks for the free 2 night stay! It was just what we needed! Check their website and enjoy your stay!

Pine View Hotel, Chipata, Zambia

We had a nice few rest days at Chipata's best hotel for the money. The staff is super friendly, their bar always has great people to talk to, and we slept like a baby! Thanks Pine View!

Budget Lodge, Lilongwe, Malawi

This is a fresh new lodge right down town near all the action. The rooms are sparkling clean, the staff friendly, TV, fans, nice showers--and a GREAT value!

Africa House and Zanzibar Hotels, Zanzibar, Tanzania

These two hotels are amongst the finest in all Stone Town area of Zanzibar. Africa House is THE place to be for a sundowner and the vibe is alive. And Zanzibar Hotel is the oldest and classiest hotel in Stone Town dating back over 400 years. Website

Chinteche Inn, Lake Malawi

Chinteche Inn is where the annual "Lake of Stars" music festival is each year and they hooked us up with a room on the lake and access to their stage to film 3 local bands. If you want to experience a slice of paradise on the lake check out this link

Sensation Divers, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Bru is the owner of this amazing dive shop and guesthouse and helped me recharge my batteries with great dives, meals and rest. This is THE place to dive on the north coast and Bru is a character. Check em here

Nairobi Serena Hotel, Kenya

Nairobi is a crazy city and this 5-star jewel is just what the doctor ordered to escape after a tough day making it happen. The place is paradise and you have to stay a night or two for some pampering in Nairobi. Thanks Serena! Check their site here

Imperial Hotel, Kisumu, Kenya

Kisumu is the 3rd largest city in Kenya but you would never know it. It's my favorite city by far--tons of music, nice nature, good people and the Imperial Hotel is an Oasis with great staff, perfect rooms, excellent location. Check them out here


Kampala Serena Hotel, Uganda

By far the nicest hotel I've ever been in! These guys gave me and mom 3 nights of luxury and a needed break from the noise and pollution of downtown. If you head to Kampala, do stay with these guys if you want a taste of bliss.

Kayak the Nile and Nile River Explorers, Uganda

You can't come to Uganda and not raft the amazing class 5 rapids at the source of the almighty Nile River! Nile River Explorers was highly recommended so rafted with them and they gave us luxury tented accommodation overlooking the Nile at Nile Perch. Then I took beginner-intermediate kayak lessons with Kayak the Nile. Check out the links above--you'll be stoked!

Bunyonyi Overland Camp, Uganda

You can't visit Uganda without experiencing Lake Bunyonyi. It's truly magical and not to be missed! I spent 5 days there recharging and healing from the burnout blues and they set me up with an amazing luxury tent overlooking the lake. The place is beyond words--on the lake, rockin gardens, good food, great staff, fun bar. Check em out your next visit to Uganda for sure!

Hotel du Lac, Cotonou, Benin

If you head to Cotonou, you must stay at the Hotel du Lac! It's right on the river, has a sweet pool with high dive, WIFI internet and a soulful staff of people. Check their site here.

Grand Hotel du Niger, Niamey, Niger

This is THE place to stay in Niamey as nothing else comes close to the perfect riverside location, stellar service, brilliant pool overlooking the river, great food, high speed internet and more. Check the site

Hotel Kampinski, Bamako, Mali

Wow, these guys have the best location in Bamako and is truly a world class hotel. They set me up with 3 days of bliss after a crazy adventure to get to Bamako from Niger and it was just what the doctor ordered. Check em!





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