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Latest Video Update--Click Here

Since 2006 I have been filming for a television series I envision producing when the ride is finished. To ready more about the TV series, click here.

For now, this videos page is dedicated to giving you quick tastes of the journey on Stage 3. Big thanks to Panasonic for the hookup of cameras!

Click Here to Watch the 4-Minute Trailer of the TV Series

Or...13 countries in 13 minutes...a fun video of our first 13 countries in a thrilling 13 minutes :)

Quick Videos from the Road....

A the request of several friends n fans I am also going to host a few short videos here. Enjoy!

Chile, 2009: When my bike frame broke in Bolivia I was grounded in Chile over a month. Here's a cool video I cut about the magical experiences in Chile. Right click & save as to download

Brazil, 2009:
I took a few months to actually "semi-settle" in one place and I chose Florianópolis, Brazil. Below are a few videos I made while living there. Enjoy!

April 15, 2009 : 2 Weeks of Paradise in Brazil: I had a 2nd writing retreat with a guest rider name Delia camping on the beach followed by Easter Weekend with my friends. Lovely!


March 18, 2009: Camping 7 Days in Paradise, 12 Minutes: I took a writing retreat with my tent, surfboard and bare essentials and boy was it unforgettable. Enjoy!

March 4, 2009: Making of a Caipirinha, Brazil's national cocktail :) 3 Minutes

March 1, 2009: My Apartment in Brazil, 2 Minutes

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