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Taking a Miss on Mauritania

Please read! Just one page. I need some prayers for a 100% recovery from pneumonia

As much as my ego screams and kicks and yells, I have to take a miss on riding the Sahara right now. I got a horrible night sleep last night coughing away and it’s clear that the 20 hours of dusty travel beat up my fragile respiratory system. I thought I was okay to power on, but it’s clear I need more time. To go out pedaling and filming in the Sahara during the peak April sandstorm and northern headwind season would not be smart, and certainly not fun.

The first of several stops en route to Mauritania

And the 3 hour doozy that turned a 12 hour trip into 20

I had dreamed of riding the heat, dunes and unique landscapes of the Sahara for years and it shatters me that I will have to pass this time. But I have to do what is best for me and get to 100% for the big expedition of Europe ahead. I’m at 83% now so my plan is to heal up in Taghazou, Morocco with some fresh ocean air and yoga sessions. Once I’m healed I’ll do a ride of Morocco then make my way to Europe.

This was taken by a cyclist heading south on my route

And a sandstorm that almost made him crack

I hope to come back one day and pedal in Mauritania and Gambia, two countries that I had to pass on this time, as well as Benin. I’m gutted I had to miss some epic journeys in these countries, but at least I got to see em! I’ll be back! Please send some prayers my way—I need to heal up fast for Europe and beyond!



ps. there are some photos of Togo online now, the journal is in the works...

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