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Guest Riders


What is a Guest Rider?

A Guest Rider is anyone who decides to join the Peace Pedalers for any amount of time anywhere in the world we may wonder. Usually Guest Riders join us as a passenger on the tandem for adventures of a few minutes to a few days, but sometimes they ride their own bike as well.

Maybe a woman walking home from the market, a child heading to school, or a new friend we meet in a village who rides with us on the tandem or their own bike to the next town. Our favorite Guest Riders are the ones we ride with for multiple days, thus allowing us to really build a friendship and learn about their culture and way of life.

If you want to ride on the tandem or your own bike as a Guest Rider, simply email us. If you know someone who would want to ride, let them know.

Please accept our Worldwide Invitation to Ride!


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