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Exciting Updates from Chile!

Big love from Iquique, Chile! Iím at my Chilean brother Robertoís studio/apartment/couchsurfing capital of Northern Chile and itís truly the nerve center of positive creativity. I met Roberto in late July coming in from Bolivia and we have grown to become great friends and now partners in an exciting new project called Positive Press (or Prensa Positiva in Spanish)

Iíve received all sorts of emails asking for an update on whatís new and Iím happy to report so, so many exciting reports. Here goes:

1) Atacama Adventures: Yep, we had a thrilling expedition into the Altiplano of the Atacama Desert. It was Cristinaís first taste of high altitude cycling, spending 4 days over 4,000 meters (13,000 feet+). You can take a photo slide show adventure below.

2) The Chile Basecamp: I was first grounded in Chile due to a bike break down and now Iím here in limbo waiting to hear if we are going to Easter Island next week or not. While waiting to hear from a sponsoring network Megavision who may be buying our tickets to one of the worldís most stunning islands. Cristina and I are busy planning our adventure to Columbia onwards and, at the same time, Iím also working on moving all the charity projects forward:

3) Operation Agua: What started as two strangers connecting in Muyupampa, Bolivia has now led to an active project to bring water to our first villageóthe Ayango community. Our Pilot Project is in motion and more info at Please, take 3-minutes to check out a video/photo intro on our launch project.

4) Good Hope Schools: Iíve been working hard as well on this project as now we are starting a school in Rwanda! Not only that, but we are expanding Good Hope Uganda from itís 150+ student capacity to support over 300! Both schools need funding and we have a 2009 goal of about $40,000 so help us by getting involved or making a donation. Fresh updates, budgets, photos and more at A new 7-minute video is below. Enjoy!

5) Positive Press: If you are like me, you donít like watching negative news over and over again. If you have half a brain you know that the negative news represents the vast MINORITY of the true state of our world. Positive Press will be a TV network dedicated to bringing you a balanced report whatís happening in our world. Itís an internet-based network at first and we are off to a great start with thousands of visitors and contributors.

6) Expedition Update: We should be on the road rolling somewhere in a few days. Iíve made some exciting changes to my route, which will now bring me to the Caribbean for adventures in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica and Cuba. I had to pull out a few Central American countries but hey, Iíll still be at all the epic wave spots in true Live Big form ;) Latest at

Sooooooo, my trip is not all about hammering the pedals day after day. Itís changed quite a bit over the years, if you have not noticed. I've realized many other passions besides riding and traveling. I really dig the charity incubation role I'm taking in the world for the time being. Personally, Iím filled with an enthusiasm not only for my life and projects as they stand today but also for the fact that Iíll be back in my own home country about 6 short months. I do miss my family and friends a LOT, but I have no desire go home quite yet. Iím in the final stretch and excited about the adventures ahead!

Over n out from Chile!

Live Big. Give Big. Love Big.

Jamie ;)

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