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On April 22, 2002 Jamie and his friend Garryck set off on an around- the- world cycling adventure with a mission to reduce unjust fears and predjuices between our fellow humans.  We rode the front seats of tandem bikes while leaving the rear seats open to invite total strangers to join the journey and create lasting friendships that crossed all language, cultural and religious barriers. For over eight years the journey took us through 81 countries and turned over 1,000 strangers into friends. We carried extra riding clothes, helmets and camping equipment ready to share with strangers that soon become friends once they made a few pedal strokes on the tandem and accepted the Worldwide Invitation to Ride.

Inviting strangers to share a slice of life and enjoy the cycling experience was our small gesture of peace, trust, acceptance, tolerance, oneness and unconditional love. If they needed some financial assistance we offered to pay their food, accommodation and bus ticket back to their home town for extended tandem adventures. Each day was a mystery--who we would ride with, where we would eat and sleep, and what we would learn about these exciting new cultures.

Our Vision is that by sharing the beautiful stories and images collected on the journey we can inspired the courage to connect in others around the world.

Live Big. Give Big : In the end, the core values taken away come down to these four words. It represents an intention for both balance and courage to simultaneously live our personal passions and  making contributions to our global community at the same time.  This philosophy organically led to exciting new grassroots projects while out pedaling the planet. Check em out!

Be the Change:
"BE the change you want to see in the world"
--Mahatma Gandhi

With equipment donations from Panasonic we documented the expedition with professional video, audio and photography equipment to bring the cultures, friendships and magic of Peace Pedalers to millions around the world. We have over 950 hours logged and ready for editing on 72 TB of high end hard drives. Please contact us with any contacts or desires you have to collaborate.

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Decemer 2022: Happy Holidays!

It's been over 20 years since we departed on our epic 81-country tour  so Jamie is releasing a special 20th Anniversary Edition book A Bicycle Built for Two Billion!   There is also a new audiobook version as well. Grab a hand signed and personalized copy and learn more here.      


Plans for 2023 & Beyond

Jamie and Cristina are incubating our next big impact project called Purpose in Exepneses.    Inspired and tested on the this global bike tour, this next project helps businesses transform operating expenses into recurring donations to worthy causes at no cost to the company.  Check us out and spread the word!        

Check out the Book Trailer of A Bicycle Built for Two Billion Below:;

A Bicycle Built for Two Billion: Extended Book Trailer from Jamie Bianchini on Vimeo


As for the TV series "Peace Pedalers: Africa", it's on the back burner but I have hope we'll find the right co-production partner after we flush out the core stories in the eBook and feature film creation process. Finally, Good Hope School is still growing and the students are all doing very well. We're building a new library and large bathroom complex to support the growth.

The detailed journals and photos pages have all our past adventures. Enjoy the ride with your friends and families and learn about our planet and it's rich cultures. Check out the projects page to learn about charity projects we helped launch and consider getting involved.

Hugs and love!

Jamie, Cristina, Luca, Candela, Garryck, Mamacita & the Peace Pedalers Team

Big thanks to Panasonic for the cameras!

Best Photos to Date : Click Here

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5-Minute summary of our envisioned documentary series "Peace Pedalers: Africa" here

Check the Older Videos!: Take an armchair adventure through our first 13 countries in 13 minutes from our first stage in Asia & Oceania:

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